All house plans are designed to conform to the Indian National Building codes. House plans and drawings made by does not have a professional architect’s stamp on them. If you require a stamp on your floorplan then we recommend you to get it stamped locally by any licensed architect.

  1. Drawings will not be made as per your local municipal norms or state govt. bye-laws.

  2. All Drawings are pre-checked for practical construction by our engineers.

  3. No Soft Copies or Printouts will be provided. Everything is online processed.

  4. You will get your designs in pdf format on your email id.


DELIVERY TIME: 24 to 48 Hrs

Our design team tries to design your floorplan as soon as possible. At the moment we take anywhere between 24 - 48 Hrs to email you the designs. All designs take time and some take additional time based on the complexity of the design.



If you choose to get your house designed as per vaastu-shastra. We try providing 100% vaastu as per its principles. Although, despite our best efforts, due to various limitations in terms of ventilation, space constraints and plot size, we do not guarantee that the house designed for you will be fully vaastu compliant, few deviations from vaastu norms may be required to ensure good ventilation and good floorplan layout.

Small plots always have some limitations in designing floor plans as per vaastu principles. 100% vaastu can only be achieved in a plot having setbacks from all four sides and no constrain for ventilation and room sizes.

We do not design the house as per any special vaastu or as per the requirements of your vaastu pandit. We will not be able to comply with your requests in such cases where you wish that the house be designed as per your specific vaastu norms. We will only design the house as per the standard vaastu principles that follows.



We take great care while designing your dream home. Our architecture design team ensures that most of your requirements are incorporated in the design, yet sometimes it’s not possible to properly design with the limitations of space due to plot dimensions.

We try our best in giving equal & best service to everyone and try to satisfy your requirements, yet we do not provide any guarantee that our services or designs will fully satisfy you.

Design is subjective in nature, the same design may be appreciated by some and criticized by others.

In such rare cases, where you find that you are not happy with the design or service provided by, we will refund your full payment and would discontinue our services for you.



At we have a team of dedicated members available for you 24x7. You are first required to send WhatsApp on +91-9971997765 regarding any enquiries.

All our projects have a project code mentioned on front page. This project code has lifetime validity. Whenever in future you have any doubts or any enquiries related to drawings provided by us then you can contact us. Use that project code as a reference for any future interaction.

Our team will revert you with a call if required. As per the scope of enquiry we may schedule a call with the Architect / Structure Engineer for solving your problem.



All sales & orders on are final. No refunds or exchanges can be given once your order is processed.

There is no direct refund policy for orders once placed. Our backend team starts working upon the floor planning as soon as the order is placed, that’s why we are able to deliver under the time frame of 24-48 Hrs.

Whereas you can contact us for your concerns, if valid we will issue full/partial refund.


Naksha Bazaar pvt. ltd. reserves the right to cancel your registration and withdraw any or partial or all the Services extended to you without prior information or consent from you. Please feel free to contact our support team at for more information.

We follow strict No Harassment Policy and we do not tolerate any kind of bad behavior, whether written or verbal and we will initiate strict action against the person responsible, including deletion of account and filing of charges.


By agreeing to order our services, it is understood and believed that you have read our terms and conditions completely and the relevant information as mentioned above and in our terms & conditions page and that you fully and totally agree with it.